Learning Pods for FCPS Families and Teachers

Hi fellow FCPS parents (and teachers)! I thought we could come together and support each other. I’m hoping we can use this website to (more) easily form learning pods so our kids can continue to learn and socialize in a manner that’s consistent with our own respective health and safety practices.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register and Get Approved
  2. Edit Your Profile (Add Family and Student Info)
  3. Find Pod Members – Message Parents/Teachers to see if there’s a fit
  4. Disable Your Profile when you’ve found your Pod.

Tip: If you want to easily find a profile again, use the “Follow” feature on Profiles, and then find them again on the “Following” tab of the Find Pod Members page.

Spread the Word

The more people that know about this, the easier it will be to find your pod.

Support (Q&A)

For support, visit the Forums: https://podnasium.com/forums/


Here’s a screenshot of my Family Profile which is secured behind a login wall:

Here’s a look at how Families can search for their Pods:

About Us

I’m a parent of two FCPS kids and I just want to make sure all of our children can learn and socialize while we continue to work as much as we can or need to. You can see my Family Profile here: https://www.podnasium.com/members/batman/

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